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Hair-Brained Ideas

All the stuff from under the fuzz...

26 March 1987

10th kingdom, 80's music, a clockwork orange, acting, altermeta, amélie, anime, barbershop quartets, beatles, being random, besm, blues brothers, books, caffeine, cheese, chocolate, chris farley, coldplay, comedy, costumes, creative writing, danny elfman, david bowie, discworld, disguises, donnie darko, dragons, drawing, dreaming, dreams, duran duran, exploring, fantasy, fiction, freedom of speech, geeks, geeky things, gene wilder, george harrison, harry potter, heartless radio, his dark materials trilogy, homestar runner, irony, john lennon, johnny depp, jones soda, kevin spacey, kingdom of loathing, kitt, knight rider, labyrinth, lightswitch raves, logic, lord of the rings, lotr, making fun of myself, making fun of you, making up holidays, making up words, men without hats, michael j. fox, monty python, mother grove, music, nightmare before christmas, nightmare before xmas, oingo boingo, orlando bloom, parody, paul mccartney, performance art, philip pullman, philosophy, pi, pie, pirates, pirates of the carribean, poetry, pointless toys, princess bride, purple, radio kol, reading, richard cheese, ringo starr, robin williams, rockapella, rocky horror picture show, roleplaying, rpgs, sarcasm, satire, scaring normals, schrodinger's cat, sci-fi, science fiction, shiny things, silliness, singing, sleep, slinkies, sock puppets, songs, spock, spontaneity, star trek, star wars, steve martin, stuff, tears for fears, terry pratchet, the beatles, the paranormal, the shire, theatre, time travel, vg cats, video games, vocal jazz, vulcans, webcomics, wicked, willy wonka, writing